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3 Day Tour – Extensive Tour of Temples and Surrounding Area

Day 1 -  Morning: Meet your tour guide at 07:30am from Frangipani Villa Hotel

Depart from your hotel go through the national road No.6 down to Phnom Penh city, first we take about 15 minutes stop at one of the local market, Dom Dek market to explore the local lifestyle, then go straight to visit Kampong Kleang village. It is located on the northern lake-edge about 35 km east of Siem Reap town, more remote and less tourist than Chong Khneas. Visitors to Kampong Kleang during the dry season are universally awestruck by the forest of stilted houses rising up to 10 meters in the air. In the wet season the water rise to within one or two meters of the buildings. Unlike Chong Khneas, Kampong Kleang is a permanent community within the floodplain of the lake, with an economy based in fishing and surrounded by flooded forest. But Kampong Kleang is significantly larger with near 10 times the population of Chong Kneas making it the largest community on the lake in Siem Reap province. We then return back to the national road No.6. Please ask if you would like lunch back in the Hotel but it is really better to keep moving today rather than to retrace steps for lunch. Perhaps you could buy a hotel picnic basket lunch or make alternative arrangements. Ask us for details.

Remark: From Mid of February until July is low level of water. Therefore, the visitors need to travel a bit further to the port. And program could be flexible due to the real situation.

Day 1 - Afternoon

Visit Roluos Group (Hariharalaya) including Preah Ko temple- erected by Indravarman I in the late 9th century dedicated by the King to his ancestors in 880, Bakong- the largest and most interesting of the Roluos group temples, with his active Buddhist monastery just to the north of the east entrance, Lolei- the four brick towers, built on an islet in the center of a large reservoir. Distance – 110 Kilometers


Day 2 -Morning: Meet your tour guide at the reception desk 05:00am

Watch and photograph the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Return to the Hotel for breakfast before exploring Ta Prohm with its exciting interplay of stonework and nature. Take your time to walk through the temple from the West entrance to the East entrance. Towards the end of the morning you enter Angkor Wat by the quieter and less frequented Eastern causeway. The temple is busy at any time of day but late morning is the quietest time for us to explore and admire this architectural wonder and the excellent bas-reliefs.

It is worth walking a little between the outer laterite wall and the inside of the moat. Distance – 25 Kilometers

Day 2 - Afternoon: Meeting at 15:00 at Frangipani Villa Hotel

Excursion to the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom. You now have a choice of ether walking along the 8m high laterite wall (500m) of the ancient city to the Death Gate or continuing around by road. En route to the Terrace of the Leper King you can stop briefly to see an imposing statue found in Bayon which is now displayed at Vihear Prampeilveng.

Beginning at the atmospheric Preah Palilay you will walk (1km) through the shaded parkland behind the terraces, passing Phimeanakas, with its beautiful lakes, and Baphuon to finally reach Jayavarman’s state temple of Bayon at the centre of the city.

Explore this important temple with its many captivating giant stone faces. Your guide will point out the most interesting of the detailed bas-reliefs illustrating and recreating everyday life in the Angkorian era.

Either returns directly to Frangipani Villa Hotel you could spend the late afternoon at a wonderful quiet spot to enjoy the sunset before returning to the Hotel.

Distance – 25 Kilometers


Day 3 -  Morning: Meet your tour guide at 08:00 at the lobby

If you would like a change of scene then optionally you might begin this day with a visit to Psa Leu wholesale market for an explosion of colors, sights, sounds and smells. Passing through Angkor Thom to see the early sunshine on the Terraces we stop first at Preah Khan before heading to Ta Keo, Jayavarman V’s unfinished monumental temple. En route you can see the remains of Jayavarman’s bridge over the Siem Reap river, now diverted. Distance – 40 Kilometers

Day 3 - Afternoon Meet your tour guide at 14:00 at the lobby

Beginning at Pre-Rup [AD961] on the southern shore of the immense but long since dry Yashodharatataka reservoir you make your way some 37km to the Northeast to Banteay Srei .

Returning through pretty villages and rice paddies you will visit the twin temple of East Mebon where you may optionally remain for sunset. Distance – 70 Kilometers

Tour arrangement rates:

  • 1 person is $210
  • 2-3 people is $110/person
  • 4-6 people is $65/person
  • More than 6 people is $50/person

Note: Included English/Chinese tour guide and transportation (car/van), but lunch/dinner is excluded.


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